Amir Motlagh, Filmmakers Touring Like Indie Rockers, DIY 05

As filmmaker Amir Motlagh (whose new & first feature "Whale" is now in production) can attest to through experience, it is possible for one lone filmmaker to book his film to microcinemas and theaters, get it into festivals, travel and do Q & A sessions, do radio interviews and get the word out on the film, and get DVD sales of the film going through the exposure gained. In addition it will be possible to make some money from ticket sales to certain screenings. Both Amir and I were inspired by the self-distribution and touring successes of punk/indie rock so we have adapted the methods of those creative communities to suit the needs of the indie/DIY filmmaker, and in order to easily discuss the approach we have labeled it the DIY 2005 Film Movement (or DIY 05 for short). Touring with the film is not meant to replace the more well known "distribution company funded/simultaneous opening in several markets" film distribution strategy, but to remind indie/DIY filmmakers of another low-budget distribution option that allows them to have a certain valuable amount of control over their careers. As The French New Wave helped democratize the film business by promoting production with lightweight & more affordable 16MM equipment and as the Dogme 95 film movement promoted digital video film production and digital exhibition, it is my hope that DIY 2005 or the idea of touring with the film, which has been in practice for a long time by a few filmmakers, will promote greater indie/DIY film distribution. The three groups of filmmakers: New Wave, Dogme 95, filmmakers who tour, all highlight novel approaches to the business of filmmaking and distribution that make the cost of entry into the film field more affordable to more people, thus all are valuable examples for poor filmmakers.

Here is the web page for the DIY 2005 Film Movement:

3 relatively recent touring indie filmmaker heros who successfully distributed a feature film to theaters:
1. Sarah Jacobson/"Mary Jane's Not A Virgin Anymore"
New York Times Review:
IndieWIRE article on the life & career of Sarah Jacobson (1971-2004):
2. Gene Cajayon/"The Debut"
3. Greg Pak/"Robot Stories"

My Blog "On The Road With Date Number One":
This new blog will allow me to easily post updates while I am traveling with my new feature film “Date Number One” during the '06 - '08 theatrical distribution period (hopefully only the Phase 1 of distro on that project). Here is the URL:

And here’s a lengthy October ‘05 blog entry of mine called Making Distro Low Budget Indie & D.I.Y..., on self-distribution and other related matters:



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