"Punk: Attitude", a documentary by Don Letts

Started watching the recently released 2 DVD punk documentary feast that is Don Letts' movie "Punk: Attitude". Finished watching the main film this morning, it was an informative & inspiring piece of work. This film fills in the gaps in my chronological knowledge of how the punk scene came into existence and grew into the many tentacled post- creature it is now. Important history covered includes info. on how the NYC punk culture affected the London punk culture (in the first wave of punk), and how Black Flag (of the Hard Core punk wave in the early 80's) was the first American band from that scene to set nation-wide and constant touring as a standard in that new D.I.Y. culture (creating the foundation & building the circuit for the scene that, 15-20 some years later, gained a whole lotta mainstream media exposure with the large scale marketing of the Seattle band Nirvana in the early 90's). A must-see for anyone interested in youth cultures and music. Personally, it was a joy to witness several of my secret heroes & Creative People of Interest: Jim Jarmusch, Fugazi, Minor Threat, The Clash, etc. in one movie. Henry Rollins, along with Jarmusch, is one of the several amusing and insightful commentators who show up throughout the film. Here's the web site for the movie: http://www.punkattitude.co.uk/.

Also saw the extra item about the L.A. punk scene, a short doc made by Dick Rude. It was funny & informative. Apparently it was possible to be young & very miserable in sunny California in the early 80's (and, on a separate note, I really liked Rude's movie about Joe Strummer, it's called "Let's Rock Again", saw it last year). Looking forward to checking out all the extras on this DVD set.

Let's hope a whole new generation of young musicians, other artists, and activists discover the spirit of creative rebellion, non-conformity with evil, righteous indignation and the do-it-yourself ethic through this film. We can definitely use it right now.



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