Thanksgiving movie: Pieces of April. Cause of the day: Human Rights Watch

Pieces Of April

Yeah, it's not really indie if Katie "TV Star" Holmes is in it, but, the project is an InDigEnt project (I believe $100K DV movies is the goal of the program) BUT all indie/DIY pedigree aside, it's a good movie. A movie about Thanksgiving.

I just moved to a new grouphouse, and my new roomies (or is it housemies?) are blissfully unaware of the nitty gritty of indie film, so, I have the pleasure of getting them up to date on the works & the movements (perhaps much to their pain :). I will be taking Pieces Of April home for Thanksgiving weekend viewing.

Here's why I recommend the movie: 1) it's shot on DV (always encouraging for us lo-budget filmmakers to see a DV film get distro), 2) it deals with mortality (too many of us humans don't realize often enough that we are only visitors here), 3) it deals with family (can't live with 'em sometimes and wouldn't want to live without 'em), 4) it's got a little bit of multi-ethnic casting (looks a little more like the real New York City then Friends or Seinfeld, in my perspective [but I guess it all depends on who you're friends with, hang out with, perceive & reflect on everyday]), 5) it tells a good story, 6) I can't think of a better Thanksgiving movie, 7) I like the hair color of Holmes' character.

Human Rights Watch

And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, let us look beyond art/entertainment and pay some attention to people who are constantly working on making the lives of others better, let's check out Human Rights Watch (and perhaps share some of your good fortune with them by making a donation to them). Thanks a lot for your excellent & important hard work Human Rights Watch.

Have an awesome Thanksgiving everyone.



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