Best Film Blog of 2005: GreenCine Daily

I choose GreenCine Daily as the best film blog of 2005. I first stumbled upon this excellent blog, written for the most part by David Hudson, in early '05 and moved on thinking that it is not a blog but a newspaper or a magazine or something because the production values and the quality of the writing were so insanely high for a mere blog. Then, a while later, I interviewed Jon Moritsugu, and I e-mailed several indie film press outlets, including GreenCine Daily, about the existence of the interview. David mentioned my Moritsugu interview, and from that point on I was an avid reader of GC Daily (now that it was proven that GC Daily is in fact an actual blog in spirit and practice for reasons that I find valuable - accessible to probably anyone who is into film/who is willing to shoot David an e-mail re: a relevant matter). Anyway, GC Daily embodies excellent craftsmanship and a sense of high quality egalitarianism (David writes about unknown excellent indie filmmakers as well as excellent Hollywood classics) and even though it is joined at the hip with the video on demand and mail order DVD company GreenCine, the scope of material covered at the blog makes it evident that GC Daily is not just the house organ or a promo newsletter for GreenCine. Also GC Daily embodies well the D.I.Y. news coverage and direct communication possibilities that live at the very core of the whole idea of blogging. So GreenCine Daily, you rock, excellent work in 2005, looking forward to reading you daily in 2006.