My 2006 Blog Project: Write about 52 D.I.Y. Features. Submit info, get some press filmmakers!

Time to help build the m*****f***ing US (& world?) D.I.Y. indie film scene up baby! Time to take the overall US (& world?) indie film scene down to the proverbial next hot & sweaty level. Since I have at least a dozen, maybe 15, readers at this blog, my help-my-D.I.Y.-film-brothers-&-sisters-in-2006 project is to write about 1 new (new to this blog in '06) D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself), ultra-low budget/no-budget, self-distributed (or willing to self-distribute) feature length film every week of this coming year.

So, low-budget/no-budget D.I.Y. filmmakers out there:
* Post a comment here about your new feature and include the URL for the project's web site
* E-mail me directly if you do not want to leave a comment, tell me about your movie (e-mail:
wilddiner at aol dot com), my e-mail addy link is available from this blog's About Me type page, or you can go to my web site & e-mail me from there:
* When you have some preview DVDs, send me one, no guarantee that I will watch it & write about it, but most likely I will, whenever I am not busy with distro work on my new movie Date Number One. Actually, send me an e-mail first and let me know about the film, will let ya know if I wanna see it, so that you don't have to waste time & money on it otherwise. Will give my snail mailing addy through the e-mail.
* Both US & international filmmakers are welcome (but if you are gonna send me a foreign DVD, make sure it can play in the USA - NTSC region 1 I think is the local format)

All right, let's get this thing started. For Week 1 of 2006 (Sun 1/1/06 - Sat 1/7/05) I am going to point my dozen or so readers to an '05 project called Kissing On The Mouth. So here we go:

Filmmaking For The Poor 2006 52 D.I.Y. Features Blog Project
Week 1 - 1/1/06 - 1/7/06, Film 1
Title: Kissing On The Mouth
A film by: Joe Swanberg, Kris Williams, Kate Winterich, and Kevin Pittman
The goods:
This film caught my attention due to a Braintrustdv interview where filmmaker Joe Swanberg revealed his affinity for indie rock scene/industry inspired self-distribution:

"As really good projectors become cheaper and cheaper, and more and more independent-minded people create microcinemas to showcase outsider films, I can image a network that would allow a filmmaker like me to get in a car and travel around the country showing the film to audiences and charging for tickets at the door."

And also because apparently this film openly and clearly depicts people having sex, which is not something you find everyday in the art/indie/DIY films that I check out (haven't seen 9 Songs yet). Anyway, Kissing On The Mouth is about the romantic and sexual drama of four young people. I'll write more about this project after I see it. In the meantime, check out this excellent Braintrustdv interview and check out the film's site.

UPDATE :: 12/31/05 3:17 AM
What am I doing up at 3:17 AM? Don't ask. But the good news is that this blogging thing works pretty well. Less then 24 hours after publishing the above entry, I learned that a couple of filmmakers are already sending me their DVDs to review. One of the movies that I will write about in the near future is The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah. It sounds like a funny & interesting movie. Chuck T. wrote about it a while back. Oh, and Happy New Year!

UPDATE :: 1/1/06 10:38 AM (January Freakin' First 2!0!0!SIX!!!!!!)
Happy New Year for real kids! Kissing On The Mouth's Joe Swanberg just finished making a new feature film called LOL. Here's a part of the synopsis from the site:
" The relationships of three men are explored through their use of technology. Tim is an Internet addict, struggling to give his girlfriend the attention she craves. Alex can't commit to real girls because he's holding out for one he met online. Chris is home from college for the summer, and his cell phone is the lifeline between he and his girlfriend. " Joe's influences include
Caveh Zahedi, Larry "Curb Your Enthusiasm" David and Michael Winterbottom, a pretty fine creative, funny & productive set of peeps to be inspired by I'd say. I believe I will be able to review LOL here on this blog this month. Looking forward to it.


Anonymous said…
Sujewah -- proud to be included. I'll get the film out to you asap!