A New Romance, "Good Grief", Fave Movies of 2005

It's been a most interesting & delicious birthday week over in these here parts. Met an awesome new girl at The Cassettes show on 12/9 Fri, been hanging out w/ her a lot, and had my b-day a few days ago, so not much film or blogging work got done this week but I think a lot of important life work - possible raw material for future art work - happened.

When I got to work today I found on my desk a Punk Planet article written by Andrew Dickson about him touring with his movie Good Grief. It is an interesting account of his adventures on the road. Since touring is the preferred & recommended way of low budget/no budget theatrical self-distro for myself and a couple of other DIY film people I know, I am into what Dickson is talking about. Here is a page w/ info. on Good Grief.

And now, ladies, sea horses and gentlemen, my Favorite Movies of 2005, as of 12/17/05 (being movies I saw for the first time in '05, one of these was first released slightly earlier):

1. I Am A Sex Addict
2. Good Night, And Good Luck
3. Mutual Appreciation
4. The 40 Year-Old Virgin
5. Melinda And Melinda
6. Me And You And Everyone We Know
7. Broken Flowers
8. Scumrock (a '03/'04 release, but I saw it for the 1st time this year)
9. Junebug
10. March of the Penguins

Note: This list may be revised on or before 1/1/06. I have not yet seen Syrianna, Munich, The New World, or Match Point.

Thank you & good night! It's back to Date Number One editing for me. Talk to you again in a few days.

- The Sujewa



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Anonymous said…
Syriana is well worth seeing. I think it's one of the most compelling films I've seen in a while. It *may* make an appearance in my Top 10.
Anonymous said…
Oh man, wasn't Sex Addict just great? Although I haven't had the time to see a lot of new releases, I think Sex Addict was the best new film I've seen all year.

Also, have you seen any of Andrew Bujalski's films?
Chuck, the new girl wants to see Syriana, so that's gonna be happening soon. It looks good.

Michael, Bujalski's "Mutual Appreciation" is my #3 film for '05. Saw it again last night, I dig it a lot. Have not seen all of "Funny Ha Ha", it is on the 2 DO list.
Anonymous said…
Oops, I was so excitied over seeing I am a Sex Addict on your list that I didn't notice Mutual Appreciation.
Yup, Mutual Appriciation is on there. I still need to write a review of MA(hopefully in early Jan, this Holiday stuff is taking up a lot of time, not a bad thing though).