Romper Stomper comes to life in Australia

Some news accounts say it was 5,000 White youths attacking Muslim/Lebanese looking people on an Australian beach, and other stories said it was 20,000 - 30,000 people. Well, time to cancel my travel plans to Australia. I don't really feel that having to fight off thousands of neo-Nazis or just drunken idiots or whatever they are as they attempt to stick a broken bottle into my neck would be a fun way to spend my free time. First France, and now the Land Down Under. 1992's "Romper Stomper", one of Russell Crow's pre-Hollywood fame movies, took a fictional look at racial violence in Australia. Come on France & Australia, get your intergration thing going, that White power stuff (or Muslim power or Laotian power or Sinhala power or Tamil power for that matter) is a dead end.

We all die at some point babies, keep your ugly tribalism in check in the meantime. Evil hate action gets in the way of commerce, creativity and productivity and more importantly it gets in the way of enjoying the little bit 'o life granted to us by this sweet and bitter universe.

"Birthing is hard and dying is mean-- so get yourself a little loving in between."
- Langston Hughes
American poet

And while we are sort of on the subject, check out these blog entries I wrote a while back about the false and dangerous but very popular concept of race. People do all manner of wicked stuff to belong easily and to have an easy & simple identity. Flex your head: recognize individuality, reject negative groupthink, hold only the guilty accountable for evil actions - not people who just look like them, and use the legal system to punish people - that's why we have that thing people.