Didn't care about "Annapolis" 'till I learned Roger Fan is a star

Yup, the actor from Justin Lin's "Better Luck Tomorrow" is a lead in the upcoming Hollywood sailors-boxing flick "Annapolis." Justin Lin is also the director and he is the reason that Fan is a star in this movie. Read all about it here at this SDAFF article. And to give praise when praise is due, good job Hollywood in giving the director gig to an Asian-American filmmaker & making one of the stars Asian-American. I am gonna check this movie out to see if it is good.

I wasn't a fan of "Better Luck Tomorrow" but the fact that the cast was Asian in an otherwise ordinary suburban-kids-gone-bad movie was interesting.

OK, must get back to blogging about DIY movies & related events. Will let ya know what I thought about "Annapolis" after I see it.


Jacky Treehorn said…
Oh yea? I thought it was really good and boy, was that a hellava calling card for Lin.