How to come up with $7300 for your '07 feature

Yup, I said '07, as in 2007, as in the year that begins about 365 days from now.

Here's the simple strategy:
Put $20 away in a piggy bank or a bank account or a treasure chest buried in your back yard EVERY DAY THIS YEAR. By 1/1/07 you should have about $7300.

$7300 is plenty to shoot a no-budget/ultra-low budget indie DV feature with. If you need tips on working on such a budget check out some of Rick Schmidt's low budget filmmaking books, such as Extreme DV Filmmaking At Used Car Prices. Extreme DV has tips on making a DV feature for under $3,000.

So what are you going to do until January 1, '07, until you save up that $7300? Hone your craft. Figure out how to write your scripts or how to improve your screenwriting skills. Figure out how to direct better. Figure out how to shoot and light. Master sound recording. Master editing, learn Final Cut Express, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, etc. really well. Learn graphic design, try it out. Learn web design, there are cheap & easy ways to make a good web site. Research self-distribution and other distribution options, companies, individuals that you may need to connect with on that front. Take one or more acting classes, learn about what your actors have to go through so that you can become a better director. Start a blog, a sure way to generate some press for your career and projects. Finish up a bunch of scripts. Make some shorts, make them excellent without using a lot of money (and definitely do not pull from your savings for the '07 feature).

Before you know it, it will be January 1, 2007. Then if you did well on your save-$20-a day project you'll have the $s you need to start production. And if you used your 2006 to refine your skills, the money you saved in '06 will be put to good use in '07.

Good luck. Do things and things will get done.


Jacky Treehorn said…
Hell yea!
Jacky Treehorn said…
hell yea! There is no excuse for not telling the stories you want to tell.

blu said…
I created a 54 minute movie shot in one day inside a working deep freeze.

I shot it with one light and a cast of eight people after a month of weekend rehearsals.

The post production has been a headache when it has come to the DVD creation but none the less it was accomplished.
Cool blu. If you set up a web page to promote the film post the URL here. In a deep freeze??? That's crazy (i do not like the cold).
blu said…
Thank You! However I just use my blog to promote my projects....or lack of gelling projects at the time! LOL!

It was crazy cold, 9 degrees for most of the shoot and I had my actors in street clothes.

We took breaks every 15 minutes or so to warm them back up.

I'm a huge fan of DIY films and try to see as many as I can wherever I can see them!
hey blu,

what's the url to your blog? i want to check it out.

chinese scientists have proven in lab experiments that people who are into watching DIY film get more lovin'.