How To Make Friends In Indie Film

Just got through talking (via e-mail, phone) w/ a couple of indie filmmakers that I've gotten to know recently through the web, people who live very far from DC. I am helping them set up screenings in DC and I plan on hanging out w/ them when I play my new movie in their cities (if they are around & not busy). So basically my network of indie filmmakers is growing, specially since I started this blog. I wrote down some things indie filmmakers can do to grow their filmmaker network, see them here at the Date Number One Movie Blog. Definitely check it out if you are an indie filmmaker, maybe it'll help you turn your self-distribution & touring dreams into reality.


Anonymous said…
It gets even crazier when that network extends around the world. It makes the whole world shrink.

Keeping a good blog is definitely one of the best things a filmmaker can do...aside from making good films, of course.