Let us now discover a filmmaker condemned to death for tarnishing Egypt's reputation

Getting condemned to death in a developing country for making a movie (I single out the developing world for this honor because in the developed world we do not condemn artists to death, we just boycott theaters & stuff, which usually leads to a bigger box office) is a sure way to get some attention from this blog. To be fair, the condemnation received by filmmaker Jocelyne Saab does not seem to be coming from the Egyptian government, here is the relevant text from the IndieWIRE article:
" Today, a new wave of violence and controversy is surrounding the film, [in which] polarized Egyptian public opinion [is resulting in] a love or hate stance and propelling debates concerning freedom of speech and FGM into the public sphere. This whole frenzy culminated with an article recently condemning me to death for tarnishing Egypt's reputation. "

FGM is female genital mutilation.

The movie in question is a fiction feature, a drama called "Kiss Me Not on the Eyes", in competition in Sundance. The film seems to be about youth sexuality in Egypt.

By the way, the article, an interview on IndieWIRE, caught my eye this morning because it is titled: "I was sipping my coffee and staring at the Nile. I was asking myself, 'why is everything so hard?" That gets my film biz headline of the day award. Sipping coffee and staring at the Nile is always a very interesting situation for someone like me who lives very far from the Nile and likes coffee.

Anyway, enough hype, check out the excellent interview at IndieWIRE. Looking forward to checking out this movie.

And here's another article that sheds more light on the plot of the movie. Apparently the movie deals with Sufi poetry. Very cool.