Ninjas Need Love Too

This is John Stabb Schroeder (one of the original DC punk rock stars, of G.I./Government Issue fame) playing a ninja who goes on a blind date. A still from Date Number One, the ultra low budget D.I.Y. film that I am editing at the moment. Thought I play with the image adding function of Blogger today.

Photo Copyright 2005 Sujewa Ekanayake/Wild Diner Films


Harsha said…
Nice blog about filmmaking...
Hmmmm, this movie interests me, for obvious reasons.

Still, I see a possible flaw. Shadow warriors are the essence of cool and would, therefore, not need a blind date.

Unless by "blind" date you mean that the ninja is blindfolded in order to work on his ninpo skillz, in which case I endorse such training methods.
Jacky Treehorn said…

Date Number One looks very fun. Can't wait until its launched.

Laugh Calvin
Jacky Treehorn said…

Date # 1 looks like crazy fun. can't wait until it is launched.

Lonnie Bruner said…
Government Issue, holy crap! Is he still living in DC?
Lonnie B, yeah, Mr. Stabb is still in the DC area, rocking out, being domestic too, acting, working. Go to my web site and you will see an interview link on left side of front page to get ya all caught up on John's adventures.
I'll also add some more links to GI music comps soon. Lots of stuff has been re-released recently.
LC, yeah, can't wait 'till I can show peeps this movie. It will definitely get done & get in the mail to media folks such as yourself THIS MONTH (having a blog = part of media). Also it'll get out to festivals this month. Come down to DC for the premiere in April, I'll buy you some coffee from Tastee Diner.
Mr. HomeImprovementNinja,

Inside the calm heart of all Shadow Warriors resides a sharp throwing star like longing to merge romantically and sexually with an appropriately funky partner. Do not deny it.
Hey Harsha,

Thanks for the positive words. That photo on your profile is super nice.
Anonymous said…
Love the pic, Sujewa. Looking forward to seeing the movie.
Thanks Mr. Chris. That John Stabb does make a striking ninja. Looking forward to showing the flick to all.