Self-Distro Action & Talk: Ekanayake, Baker, Lowery Playing in DC in Spring, Lowery's Self-Distro Essay - The Sequel

I am producing two upcoming indie/D.I.Y film screening events for other filmmakers and several events for my own movie, all events happening in or near Washington "City of Love" DC:

Date Number One in DC in March & April

In March & or early April there will be 1 or 2 benefit screenings that use my new movie Date Number One. The events will happen in the DC area and once all the elements have been finalized, I will announce who the events will benefit (both very worthy causes). All the info. (venues, dates, etc.) coming in mid-late February, stay tuned. Date Number One reviews should be hitting the web in late Feb.

Related: Regular screenings of Date Number One will start in DC at some point in April. Info. coming in Feb.

Kelley Baker playing in DC in April

In mid-late April (exact date tbd, will know in a couple of days) the Angry Filmmaker Kelley Baker will be here to play his movies at Capital City Microcinema (& possibly other local venues).

David Lowery playing in DC in Spring

In late Spring (will announce exact date this month) David Lowery, famous indie film blogger & sexy Texas outlaw filmmaker, will be here for another Capital City Microcinema event (and yes, there is also a chance that Lowery will play other local venues too).

Indie film self-distro talk in action babies, check it out. Makin' it happen in zero zero sixxx.

David Lowery's Self-Distro Essay Part Two

And on the talk front, David Lowery posted part 2 of his thoughts on indie self-distribution.

Like I predicted back in December '05 (I am pretty sure I did), 2006 is gonna be The Year of Indie Self-Distro in the US of A!