Withoutabox gets into the self-distro game, More on Sex Addict distro

And all this from IndieWIRE. I must say that so far in '06 IndieWIRE has been doing a kick-ass job on covering subjects relevant to Filmmaking for the Poor or covering DIY filmmaking & distro related items. I've been linking to their docs a lot lately. Go IW!

And the latest news items are:

Withoutabox is getting into the self-distribution game w/ a pilot program that includes distro of "Four Eyed Monsters" (here's some good news, I think, for all you F.E.M fans out there, maybe now perhaps the filmmakers can get out of debt some & move back out of the parent's house). Read all about it at this IndieWIRE article.

Caveh Zahedi's new flick I Am A Sex Addict will be a part of IFC's new Day And Date release initiative. Read all about that at this IndieWIRE article.

Later on DIY Players!