Adam Carolla & CBS Vs. Asian People

What was that saying about a land war in Asia? Perhaps it should be updated to include advise against getting into a media war w/ Asian-American activist groups over racist remarks. The latest round finds radio personality Adam Carolla & CBS taking on various Asian-American activist groups over a racist joke recently made by Carolla. Angry Asian Man has been following the developing story.

From the 2.6.06 Angry Asian Man update on the story:

This is a letter from the Center for Asian American Media, condemning Adam Carolla for his racist remarks and CBS Radio for its lack of response:

"I am writing to condemn Adam Carolla for his racist and insensitive comments on his radio program on January 24 ridiculing the Asian Excellence Awards broadcast on AZN Television. Even sadder has been the lack of response by CBS Radio's 97.1 Free FM (KLSX-FM).

The Center for Asian American Media (CAAM), a proud supporter of creative work that often pushes social boundaries, encourages challenging humor. But this situation is an example of bad humor that has gone too far. Within the spoof, Mr. Carolla's show substituted "ching chong" repeatedly to ridicule a show that was in English. We all know good humor is often shocking, but Mr. Carolla's skit merely revived age-old stereotypes that have no place in today's America.
Clearly Mr. Carolla found the rare example of the celebration of Asian American achievement an easy target. While he does have the right to express his humor, doing so with racial epithets is unconsionable. Mr. Carolla should be held accountable for his derogatory antics."

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And I was just starting to forget my Sarah Silverman, Etc. post.


Anonymous said…
I still disagree with you regarding Sarah Silverman, but I remember Adam Corrola making some genuinely offensive comments when he was on Love Lines. I think he's a funny guy, but he gets carried away sometimes (unlike Silverman, who I believe knows exactly what she's saying and why, which is why I fully support her) and crosses the line of edgy humor into legitimate racism. Crossing boundaries is a beautiful thing, but doing it indiscriminately is risky.
Hey DVD,

Thanks for the comment. I am all Silverman'd out, I think I wrote enough about her in that previous post & comments.

Have not heard the Carrola comments, just picked up on the net chatter re: the issue. Interested in seeing what happens re: this.

Saw the Seinfeld "outing" episode (where a journalist mistakenly declares that Jerry & George are secret gay lovers) last night for the first time, very clever way to work w/ a potentially offensive story line (according to the commentary on the DVD the "not that there's anything wrong w/ it" line was not originally in the script, & the show came of anti-gay, & then they worked in that famous line, & they were able to make the show work). According to one of the producers the gay community was not offended by the episode and in fact the show ended up receiving a GLAD (or is it GLAAD?) award that year. So there are ways to deal w/ sensitive subjects through entertaiment projects w/out offending historically margianilized groups.

Alright, later on.

In "the show came of anti-gay," line in comments above, it should read "the show came OFF anti-gay". Thanks.