Focal Easy Guide To Final Cut Express, Stat Counter

(published this entry last night, did not show up on the blog properly, so here's a copy)

I found a great how-to book for Final Cut Express: The Focal Easy Guide To Final Cut Express, For New Users And Professionals.

Here's why I like this how-to manual:

* It's only 157 pages (and that's including the index, the other 2-3 books I have on FCE are all over 400-500 pages)

* Its got a lot of photos & has very colorful pages (most instructional books are dull)

* It covers the basics fast so that you can get started w/ editing instead of having to read a book on editing for like a month and still not feel confident about using FCE

* And perhaps most importantly, it's only $19.95, an affordable price for the Poor Filmmakers out there. I got it from Borders in Silver Spring, MD.

And in other news, I added a stat counter to this blog. Should have done this a couple of months ago, oh well. Check it out on the right hand side of the Home page, below the links & above the Blogger icon.

Later, back to editing Date Number One.