indiewire is cooking up some awesome community stuff

Ran out of web stuff to read while eating lunch, so I was clicking through the indieWIRE site, and finally read their plans for the upcoming community section. Looks like they are trying to do a MySpace or Friendster type thing here. Could be awesome. Here's a paragraph from the description of the upcoming community section (bold selections mine):

"Your indieWIRE member "homepage" will be a lot more than just a simple profile: it will be a place to publish your thoughts to a journal, have your own discussion board, organize digital photos, share bookmarks, manage events and create a network of your friends who are also indieWIRE members. Even more importantly, you'll be able to control who has access to those details, from sharing your journal with the world to sharing discussions with just your accepted friends list. The indieWIRE community will also include a more vigorous classifieds system for buying, selling, trading, swapping and hiring. Those entries, like everything else in the social network, are also searchable in a number of ways across the entire community."

Read the whole description here.