indieWIRE loves us baby!

Filmmaking For The Poor has been selected as a "Blogs We Love" blog by the mighty indieWIRE. This I consider a major accomplishment since indieWIRE is probably one of the most visited indie film related websites in America. And like I told indieWIRE's Brian Clark, I "grew up" on iW: much of my thinking about the indie film industry has been heavily affected by stuff covered, opinions offered by iW - even if I haven't always agreed w/their take on things or the kind of projects that they sometimes choose to pay attention to.

Looks like indieWIRE is about to go through a major growth period - they have a new community section coming on line later this month. Looking forward to seeing what they've come up w/ & looking forward to seeing Filmmaking For The Poor headlines showing up on iW.

It took about 3 months and over 50 blog entries to get selected by iW. Looking forward to continuing the blogging over here & also growing my group blog Indie Features 06.

And right now over at Indie Features 06 there is a conversation going on about working w/SAG, and Amir Motlagh updates us on his new feature "Whale" and on upcoming festival play for his short "My Break Ups Into A Million Pieces".

Thanks again iW!



Jacky Treehorn said…
Way to go S!


Thanks LC.

Yes, editing continues.

I am going to pull back a lot on blogging this week & pour all possible time into editing.

Hopefully next week you will be able to watch DNO.

Very happy about being a part of indieWIRE blogs.