Joe "LOL" Swanberg's 3 Day Rule

"If you can't get your hands on the movie in 3 days or less, we are doing something wrong" says director Joe Swanberg as he talks about screening & distribution plans for his new movie LOL. Read the entire post at Indie Features 06.



Anonymous said…
Love what you guys are doing here. I've got my own blog: Around the Block: Doug Block's Doc Blog at

It's also one of IndieWIRE's Blogs we Love. That's how I found you guys.

I'll be joining Joe on the SXSW Blogging About Film panel on March 13. My doc feature, 51 Birch Street, will be showing there, as well, along with a bunch of other fests. Info, trailer, screening times all available at:

Very excited to be showing the film in the U.S. after our premieres at Toronto and Amsterdam. We've gotten great reviews and word-of-mouth, now gotta keep it going. Hope you'll pass the good word on, and look forward to seeing you all on the festival circuit this year.
Hey Doug,

Thanks for the comment. I've been to your site several times, pretty cool. Looking forward to checking out your film at some point. Good luck in SXSW, keep bloggin'. Oh, the discussion continues at my Indie Features 06 blog, find link for it from home/front page of this blog. Later on.