Liz " Jericho's Echo" Nord's Top Screening Spots

Liz Nord, the director of the doc "Jericho's Echo: Punk Rock in The Holy Land" (now available on DVD), recently blogged about some of her favorite places to screen.

The venues are:
Coolidge Corner Theatre Brookline, MA
Cornell Cinema at the Willard Straight Theatre, Ithaca, NY
Grand Illusion Cinema, Seattle, WA
The Capitol Theater Olympia, WA
Castro Theater San Francisco, CA
Victoria Theatre San Francisco, CA
Cinematheque Tel Aviv, Israel

Here's what she says about The Capitol Theater in Olympia, WA:
"Also run by friendly volunteers, this place is home to the Olympia Film Society. It is a wonderful mix of grand-classical and modern-funky. They also host bands and other cool events."

Read the entire post here.

I'll need to start getting in touch w/ some of these places next month for "Date Number One" screening action down the road. By the way, DNO is still being edited. I should be able to make the 3/1 fest deadlines & the flick is looking very good/am very happy with it.