Shifting Gears

Right now, as I get very close to releasing "Date Number One" to reviewers (mostly my fellow bloggers in this round 1 of press submissions), submitting to film festivals, dealing with screening venues, preparing promotional material & packaging DVDs, the interest in blogging about general indie/D.I.Y. film matters is rapidly decreasing. Right now my brain is full of info. about Final Cut Express audio mixing capabilities, not the details necessary to compose blog entries about the latest developments in indie film. So, the number of new posts on this blog will be going down starting this week. During the last couple of months I've posted at least 2-4 (sometimes 5) times a week. That will be changing. From now on I will be blogging only when very important developments happen and specially when "Date Number One" related news breaks. The sweet days of blogging a lot about many indie film related subjects are over, but the sweeter days of gettting the movie out & blogging mostly about "Date Number One" self-distribution are here.