Date Number One Completion Week (hopefully), John Sayles Week (definitely)

And here's the latest on my new movie Date Number One: lots of editing has happened, lots of editing ahead. Hopefully by 3/15 I'll have it done. That'll give me over 2 months to promote the Seattle May 19 - 21 gig @ Northwest Film Forum, and over a month to promote the late April DC screenings once those are set up late next week or as soon as the film is done.

In other news, took a break after dinner & caught the last 75% of the excellent John Sayles movie Eight Men Out. I need to see it from the beginning, maybe I'll do it after Date Number One is done.

I am going to do a Minimalist Week Long Blogging Project on John Sayles this coming week. Let's start it right now:


Minimalist Week Long Blogging Project on John Sayles
Entry # 0 ('cause the week in question has not started yet):

Return of the Secaucus 7


3/13/06 Update:

Eight Men Out




Blake Calhoun said…
So, I assume there will be a trailer available soon? :)

Hey Blake,

Yeah, I'll probably have a trailer up by early April.

And since u r media (blogs), I can send you a screener DVD of the movie if u wish. E-mail me your address if ya haven't already.