Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Goodbye Gordon Parks and Garrett Scott

Gordon Parks I knew about, Garrett Scott I didn't. Both of them were filmmakers and both of them left this world during the last few days.

Gordon Parks was a highly acclaimed still photographer & filmmaker. Reportedly the first African-American filmmaker to direct a Hollywood feature. The ever reliable GreenCine Daily has a post w/ several links that lead to stories on Parks.

Garrett Scott was a young documentary filmmaker. I read somewhere that he was inspired to make movies after seeing an insane man steal a tank and wreak havoc in his town. indieWIRE has a tribute to Scott.

Soon I will have to track down at least 1 movie each by both Parks & Scott & watch them in order to celebrate their lives & work.



Filmproduktion said...

shaft was pretty good.

Jacky Treehorn said...

I did not know that Parks was such an incredible photographer, esp. of the Poor. Incredible.


The Sujewa said...

Don't think I've seen the original Shaft, feels like I have though w/ the constant 70's blaxploitation chic that pops up every couple of years in magazines, TV.

Will have to check out Parks' photography.


Josh Boelter said...

I saw that yesterday too. Sad news.