Hey China, Stop Being Evil, Release Filmmaker Hao Wu

Or at least charge him with a crime & offer a real chance for him to defend himself in court, if he did in fact do something that the rest of us in the civilized world thinks is possibly a crime. What's up China? Are you afffrrrraaaiiiddd that a lone documentary filmmaker & blogger is gonna upset your plans for global domination? :) Civilizations that do not support intellectual & entrepreneurial freedom stay poor, can't cope w/ change, die. Stop digging your own grave man, start treating your artists (& pretty much everyone else over there for that matter) & dissidents like the valuable asset that they are. Experimentation, criticism, checks & balance = growth, new discoveries & stabilization. Stop being so f**king paranoid China. You'll never be able to compete with the West if you do not start respecting intellectual freedom & individual rights. Empowered, fearless citizens make for a more productive & competitive nation. Thanks.

Here's an introduction to Hao's situation:

" Hao Wu, a Chinese documentary filmmaker who lived in the U.S. between 1992 and 2004, was detained by the Beijing division of China's State Security Bureau on the afternoon of Wednesday,February 22, 2006. On that afternoon, Hao had met in Beijing with a congregation of a Christian church not recognized by the Chinese government, as part of the filming of his next documentary. "


"The reason for Hao's detention is unknown. One of the possibilities is that the authorities who detained Hao want to use him and his video footage to prosecute members of China's underground Churches. Hao is an extremely principled individual, who his friends and family believe will resist such a plan. Therefore, we are very concerned about his mental and physical well-being."

Read the rest of the introduction here at the Free Hao Wu site.

Here is a link to the blog that Hao was writing before he was arrested by the Chinese government for no good reason that observers can think of.

Thanks GreenCine Daily for the link to Free Hao Wu site.