If Paul Harrill's Sources (and my math) are right, then 1500 people sending $50 each (or joining the association at $70 each) can save AIVF

If filmmaker Paul Harrill's sources (and my math) are right, then 1500 people sending in $50 each can save AIVF:

"And my sources have told me that if AIVF doesn't raise some substantial cash (around $75,000) in the next few weeks the organization might be closing its doors for good." Says Paul at his blog entry about AIVF's financial emergency.

Really people - all you indie filmmakers & indie film fans out out there, do it, save AIVF. Here's a little bit of info. about AIVF - The Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers, from Paul's post:

"First, if you’re new to independent filmmaking, AIVF is the organization behind The Independent, one of the few magazines for filmmakers. Its back pages — listings of calls for work and funding opportunities — are a great resource. Besides publishing The Independent, AIVF sponsors lectures and discussions, has a resource library, and provides its members with discounts (on things like insurance, car rentals, and legal services)."

Spread out over several hundred people $75,000 is not much. You need to join AIVF anyway (all kinds of benefits & useful discounts for indie filmmakers, including insurance, read all about it here). Skip 1 cup of Starbucks coffee every day for 2 weeks & send that money to AIVF! And if they have not performed perfectly in the past, once you've given them some money/become a member of the association then you'll have some very legitimate grounds for complaining & fixing the problems.

An individual membership to AIVF for 1 year is $70. Students $40. Do it, be a star, become an AIVF member right now baby.

Get all the details you need from Paul's post (such as what AIVF is doing to prevent this kind of an emergency in the future & how things got to this point), or from AIVF, then join by paying the membership fee or if you can't afford that, donate whatever you can, and if you have lots of cash to spare at the moment, then donate lots to AIVF, I am sure they will appreciate it, so will lots of other cool people.

If you are set up for web payment & or donation, there are many options for helping AIVF. One is to donate throught the Network for Good. Do it, join or donate, help AIVF & yourself out, be nice, feel good about yourself.

I am sending AIVF my money later today (it's 12:31 AM right now here), gonna buy a 1 year membership, as soon as the post office opens or AIVF opens.

If you've donated money, become a member of AIVF recently & you want some extra publicity, press, linkage, whatever, let me know. I am going to start a COOL PEOPLE WHO GAVE MONEY TO SAVE AIVF LIST right here on this blog, as soon as I give my $s to AIVF.

Thanks a lot! Save AIVF! Do it! Let's do it to see if we can. I am sure AIVF will become very useful to us indie/DIY filmmakers & self-distributor types almost immediately.

Thanks a lot!!!

Think "s-a-v-e A-I-V-F". Then do something to make it happen. Be awesome.

- Sujewa

3/24/06 UPDATE:

* My membership fee is on its way to AIVF
* I called & e-mailed AIVF on 3/22 to see if I can do more to help, no call or e-mail back from them yet (probably very busy, I hear the staff is down to 2-3 people at this point)
* indieWIRE did a front page article on 3/22 re: AIVF's troubles & future plans.
* There may be benefit events & other fund raising work happening soon, will have more on this next week.
* If AIVF closes down, there is interest among several prominent figures in the indie film world in spearheading the formation of a new indie filmmaker advocacy & support group to make up for the closure. More on that as information becomes "unclassified" :)