LOOP successes (so far, about 2 days later)

I've spent some of my free time over the last couple of days playing w/indieWIRE's new social networkin' thingy indieLOOP. It's pretty cool (i am used to MySpace & Friendster, so LOOP is pretty easy for me), specially since it is so brand new. No one is too jaded yet, people write back to you when u e-mail them through LOOP & ask if they want to be your LOOPfriend. [btw, forgive any spelling errors on this post, i am not using my usual computer, Blogger doesn't do spell check on this computer yet] So far I've had some very useful success at LOOP: over 5 friends, 1 invitation to send a screener DVD of "Date Number One" from a writer for an excellent film blog, & made contact w/ a screening venue that I've been meaning to talk to for a while.

Looks like a little over 200 people have signed up for LOOP in just a few days, including many filmmakers, bloggers, some festivals, & some screening venues. Go join it & try it out if you are at all into making & showing or writing about or most of all watching indie films. You'll probably dig it.

Come by my page & say hi after u get LOOPy.



The Hanged Man said…
Just wanted to say "Hello."

I followed you over from IndieLOOP (I'm "Starbox") and thought I'd drop a line in the blogosphere.

I've only read a few of your posts, but really diggin' what I'm reading so far.

Keep up the good work,

Starbox Pictures
Dark Matter
Hey Glenn,

Thanks for the positive words. I visited your website & read about "Suicide Squad" flick project last night, interesting. If you actually did raise $36K through the internet, that is probably an awesome indie film net fundraising success story (u could probably get a lot of press coverage though that).

We'll hang at the LOOP. Talk to you soon & good luck w/ the film.