DATE NUMBER ONE screening Sat 11/4 in DC

Hey China, Stop Being Evil, Release Filmmaker Hao Wu

2 Questions for indie filmmakers & festivals re: Festivals & Money

Capital City Microcinema web page updated

Tribeca fest selected doc "The War Tapes" director Deborah Scranton now blogging at Indie Features 06

3 DIY film events for April-May (early notice): Baker & films in DC, Ekanayake & "Date Number One" in Seattle, Lowery & "Deadroom" in DC

Update on post re: AIVF fundraising

Matt Zoller Seitz interviews "Puzzlehead" director James Bai

The long introduction to the indieLOOP DIY Film Group

If Paul Harrill's Sources (and my math) are right, then 1500 people sending $50 each (or joining the association at $70 each) can save AIVF

A response to Zahedi's "DIY is a myth" post

LOOP successes (so far, about 2 days later)

Awright! Joined indieLOOP

"September 12th" on 3/21 @ Pioneer, NYC

Still no luck w/ indieLOOP, will try again in a week

indieLOOP: The Independent Media Social Network (indieWIRE's brand spankin' new social networkin' thingy) is up

Tips on getting the UPC bar code label for cheap for an indie DVD

Double SXSW award winner Eric Byler, director of AMERICANese, on Crash, racial conflicts & film