Messiah Pic # 1, Review Is Near

In this scene from The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah, Brian, the Messiah for his city - not THE messiah but A messiah (Dustin Olson), accompanied by his loyal brother Aaron (Joseph Frost) and sister Miriam (Ellen Dolan) prays a prayer of blessing over the work of a road crew filling potholes, just before asking for a little donation to ‘defray the cost of’ his big messiah rally.
Photo Copyright 2005 Theoretical Entertainment

I just took a brief spiritual break and checked out a few scenes from Chris Hansen's new flick The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah. They were funny & intriguing. I am looking forward to checking out the entire flick tonight or tomorrow AM, as soon as I am done with this shoot out that I am having right now with a very short pimp (while Tom Waits' Anywhere I Lay My Head plays in the jukebox, some of the stray bullets are hitting the jukebox & causing it to play various show tunes). So, in the meantime, before I break out my Messiah review, in anticipation of it, presented above for your enjoyment is a still from the flick. Enjoy. More soon. I get Napoleon Dynamite type vibes from this project.


Anonymous said…
"I get Napoleon Dynamite type vibes from this project."

Oh, I hope not...
Hey Mr. Matt,

Messiah and Napoleon D. both share a main character who is kind of deluded but is kind of likeable.
On the commercial front, Napoleon D. did pretty well, so being like it is not at all a bad thing. I liked Napoleon D.