"Matt Zoller Seitz in person at every screening!" ("Home" @ Pioneer, NYC, 3/2 - 3/8)

"Matt Zoller Seitz in person at every screening!" screams the Pioneer theater's web page w/ info. on Seitz's 2005 film "Home", and of course they are referring to the upcoming 1 week long run of the film. Seitz is a filmmaker & a critic and "Home" is his first feature. What do Seitz's peers in the dark & sexy art of film criticism think about his first full length effort?

"An intimate, intoxicating chamber piece about an all-night house party at a Brooklyn brownstone, Home perceptively details the niceties and nastiness of friendship, romance, and sexual affairs.", "A convivial portrait of love-struck and lovelorn twentysomethings searching for contentment and companionship, Home coasts along on an enchantingly boozy groove."
- Nick Schager, Slant Magazine.

"The feature debut of the film critic for the New York Press, Home is the kind of modestly scaled, unflashy ensemble piece Seitz often scolds other critics for overlooking: witty, sharply observed, sweet but not treacly."
- Sam Adams, Philadelphia City Paper

"Seitz has a gift for authentic and funny dialogue and convincing character sketches."
- Peter Keough, The Boston Phoenix

Pretty decent reviews I'd say. The accomplishments of "Home" include the following film festival recognition: Best Feature Trenton Film Festival, Best Supporting Actor Trenton Film Festival, official selection of over half a dozen film festivals so far, including the Independent Film Festival of Boston, Brooklyn Underground Film Festival, Cinequest 15 San Jose and the River Run International Film Festival.

So go check out "Home" for yourself in March @ the Pioneer (yeah, the ease of DVDs & the hot new developments in VOD, etc. are lovely, but the most exciting & mythically satisfying way to watch a movie is still at a big screen in a dark movie theater), and give Seitz your take on the film (since he'll be there in person at every screen). But be warned, Seitz is a Tom Waits fan, so you never know what he'll do if he doesn't like your criticism.



Anonymous said…
Thanks for the heads-up. I've been following this guy's criticism for years and am curious to see what he does when the positions are reversed. He's panned some great directors so the movie had better be good.
Thanks for the comment Ellen R.

The movie's gotten some good reviews, and Seitz's watched a lot of movies over the years - for his dayjob, so his is probably good.
I am going to see it soon, will post a review of it.

But ultimately everything in cinema is a matter of taste. Great directors sometimes make bad movies, and it is the job of the critic to call them on it.

I would much rather have filmmakers make bad movies (and hopefully down the road they will make better movies, it has happened w/ several now excellent filmmakers - including Jim Jarmusch) then have them not make any movies at all.

It's cool that Seitz has crossed over fromt the remote safety of film criticism in to the rough & tumble world of indie filmmaking & distribution.

Hope u have fun watching "Home" @ Pioneer.