IFC Films picks up Zahedi's "I Am A Sex Addict"!

Saw some awesome news in IndieWIRE today: IFC Films has picked up Caveh Zahedi's new film I Am A Sex Addict for distribution. I spoke well about Sex Addict a couple of months ago, and many others have also found it to be an excellent movie. Sex Addict was the #1 film in my Fave Movies of 2005 list. Zahedi was self-distributing the film up to this point, due to lack of distributor interest. So it is very cool to see a deserving indie get picked up (even if it is after many people have sung its praise, many festival awards, and after the filmmaker launched a self-distribution effort).

Here's a part of the article from IndieWIRE:

"IFC Entertainment president Jonathan Sehring announced a pair of pacts as Sundance begins. Caveh Zahedi's "I Am A Sex Addict" is described as a look at "the life of an insecure young man who becomes addicted to prostitutes, and finds himself unable to stop even though it destroys all of his relationships. He decides to make a movie about his predicament..." The movie debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival last year and won a special Gotham Award for an undistributed movie."

Rock on Caveh! It is about time that hard working & innovative indie filmmaker got some solid film industry attention & support. Looking forward to seeing the flick again when it opens in DC.


Anonymous said…
That is great news.
Jacky Treehorn said…

This is very cool for Zahedi. I read your interview with him months back. You and others deserve some credit. Can't wait to see the film.

Hey There Matt & LC,

All the credit belongs to Caveh, since he made an awesome movie after many years of work (several years spent looking for money, & 4 years actually making the movie!, if I recall correctly). I was moved to write about the project because it was very, very good.
Nice to have a happy ending (the kind of ending the filmmaker wanted) for this indie-film-looking-for-distro story.

Yup, it is great news & I too am looking forward to watching the movie again on the big screen.