New group blog forming: Indie Features 06

I've started a new blog, a group blog, called Indie Features 06, for select indie filmmakers who have features in distribution this year (any type of distribution: theatrical, DVD, microcinemas, film festivals, VOD, whatever - as long as the work is available to the public in some form) to blog about their projects and other films.

So far feature filmmakers David Lowery (Deadroom, coming out on DVD this year) and Chris Hansen (The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah, currently at festival stage) have signed up as blog team members. Some other invitations are pending.

Check out the site. The purpose of the blog is explained in greater detail on the first post. If you are a filmmaker with a feature in distribution this year and you want another space to promote your project, let me know. Maybe your project/blog posts re: it will be a good addition to the kind of films that will be written about at IF06 (indie/arty stuff, w/ low-budget D.I.Y stuff heavily favored, pretty much the kind of stuff that I've written about in this blog for the last few weeks), and maybe you'll become our latest blog team member. Should be fun & worthwhile.

And this new blog should also help me fulfill my goal of writing about 52 D.I.Y. films in '06. I'll probably learn about some new & previously unknown DIY movies through the IF06 blog. Not sure how many D.I.Y films I have written about so far this year, will have to go back & do a count at the end of this month.

Oh Kay, later on, have a lovely weekend.