Self-Distribution Action: "September 12th" @ The Pioneer, NYC, March 21

Over at the Indie Features 06 blog I learned that the well reviewed post-9/11 drama September 12th will be playing at the Pioneer theater in New York City on March 21st.
Magicfying Films, the creators of the movie, are self-distributing it. As I said in an earlier entry, Film Threat highly recommends the movie. Several other reviewers, including Chuck Tryon, have said very good things about the movie. See some quotes at the front page of the movie's site.

As regular readers of this blog know, I am all for self-distribution but I am surprised that a movie that apparently deals well with such a mainstream & well known and yet cinematically under-explored topic (is there anything more well known in America right now then the 9-11 attacks?) has not been picked up by an established distribution company (or that indie theaters from around the country are not seeking out the movie and booking it for longer runs. is that something they even do these days? if not they should, programming their own unique choices will give them a competitive edge over "indie" chains & theaters that only program whatever few films the few indie distributors are offering at any given moment) . Perhaps the right offer has not come along yet, or perhaps Magicfying Films are stubbornly D.I.Y. like a handful of other filmmakers I know (no names please :).

Anyway, I plan on interviewing director John P. Touhey and producer Lou Giovino re: their distribution experience w/ the film and re: the film in general in early March. Perhaps we will get all the details on the self-distribution situation at that point.

In the meantime, if you live in NYC, make plans to go check out September 12th at the Pioneer on March 21st. It will probably be time well spent.