Update on post re: AIVF fundraising

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3/24/06 UPDATE:

* My membership fee is on its way to AIVF
* I called & e-mailed AIVF on 3/22 to see if I can do more to help/to discuss some potentially useful fundraising ideas that I have, no call or e-mail back from them yet (probably very busy, I hear the staff is down to 2-3 people at this point)
* indieWIRE did a front page article on 3/22 re: AIVF's troubles & future plans.
* There may be benefit events & other fund raising work happening soon, will have more on this next week.
* If AIVF closes down, there is interest among several prominent figures in the US indie film world in spearheading the formation of a new indie filmmaker advocacy & support group to make up for the closure. More on that later as information becomes "unclassified" :)